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Recurring Deposit

Monthly Recurring Deposit (RD) Scheme

Recurring deposits (RDs) are the term deposits presented by banks that help people with keeping a proper note of cash consistently and procuring revenue. It is one of the most incredible month-to-month saving plans for people presented by SSD Multistate.

The interest depends upon the amount contributed by an individual or someone who wishes to invest. It permits you to put aside regularly a dedicated amount in your RD savings and acquire lavish financing costs. Chatrapati Multistate offers attractive interest rates for all the RD Account holders.

The Recurring Deposite scheme, eligible families can avail of medical treatment at empanelled hospitals without having to pay upfront for medical expenses.

RD Form

Rate of Interest

Sr.No. Type Minimum Investment Period Normal Senior Citizen
1 RD 1000 5 Years 12% 12%

Medical emergency fund available after 1 year upto