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Fixed Diposit

Fixed Diposit

Fixed Deposit(FD) is a protected investment choice that additionally gives appealing returns. Our Fixed Deposit is an optimal investment decision for you to set aside cash and procure revenue too. Whether satisfying your wishes, arranging your retirement corpus or putting away your well-deserved cash safely is set aside. With us let your assets develop securely and consistently. Open a Fixed Deposit Account with our Bank and get ensured profits from your venture. It is free insurance. similar to the market rate, we offer a 12% interest rate pon FD. The Bank Offers 80% Loan A large amount can be availed after 3 or 6 years of having an account with us. Also, ease of Small installments is provided.

FD Form

Fixed Deposit

Sr.No Type Period Normal Senior Citizen
1 Fixed Deposit 46 Days 7.50% 7.50%
90 Days 8.00% 8.00%
6 Months 8.00% 8.50%
12 Months 12.00% 13.50%

Fixed Deposit (MIS)

2 Fixed Deposit 12 Months 12% 13.50%


✔ There are endless benefits like it is a Future Safe Investment.

✔ Offers Good return on investment

✔ The saved amount can be used at your convenience.

✔ To avail of the scheme, the applicant should be 18 years and above An Indian resident

✔ Should have an Aadhar Card & a Pan Card.

✔ Min investment only 10000

✔ Monthly Interest scheme available

✔ Direct Debit Facility

✔ Nomination facility