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Content Fixed Deposit (CFD)


CFD is a savings scheme offered by SSD Multistate, which enables depositors to double their savings in just 60 months. The scheme allows depositors to open a fixed deposit account with the bank for a specific amount and term.

Under the scheme, the periodical interest is compounded quarterly and an amount equivalent to double the amount initially deposited by the customer is paid after the completion of 60 months.

1. Account can be opened with a minimum of Rs.50,000.
2. Investment amount double in just 5 years.
3. 50% credit facility for every year for 90 days at ZERO ROI
4. 200% Loan facility available after 1 year depending on credibility
5. Free Medical cover for first year

Rate of Interest

Sr.No Type Minimum Balance Duration
1 CFD 50,000 5 Years